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!!!!   90,000 today   !!!!

Village website had its 90,000th visitor today since it started life just 5 years ago.

Thank you to all our supporters and visitors.


Electoral Review of Chichester

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying out an electoral review of Chichester District Council.

The review will draw new council ward boundaries across Chichester. The Commission has also announced that 36 councillors should be elected to the council in future: 12 fewer than the current arrangements.

Now we are asking for evidence about your local area to help us decide a new pattern of wards for Chichester.


Local people know their area best.That's why we are asking you for evidence on a range of issues:

I Do you have suggestions about where your ward boundaries should be?

r Which areas do you identify as your local community?

r Where do people in your area go to access local facilities such as shops and leisure activities?

For rnore details and interactive maps, visit:  www.consu ltation. lg bce.org. uk or www.lg bce.org. uk


Send your views to:  The Review Officer (Chichester)  Local Government Boundary Commission for England

14th floor, Millbank Tower, Millbank, London SWl P 4QP

Email: reviews@lgbce.org.uk

Follow us on Twitter: @LGBCE

The consultation closes on 4 April 2016


Community Orchard - Planting another 8 apple trees. Please come and join in with a spade to help !!

Hampshire Farm Meadows  - Saturday 6th February  10.30 am


WemsFest - the annual multi-arts festival for Westbourne & Emsworth, and environs.  Also promotes the arts throughout the year.

Rogues & Vagabonds - the community theatre company staging regular productions.  Rehearses every week in the Westbourne Club.

Contact: 01243 378742 or wemsfest@btinternet.com


Parish Councillor Kevin Turvey resigned from the Parish Council yesterday and we now have another vacancy. Would you like to be considered for a place on the Parish council more...


Planning news

As Westbourne’s neighbourhood plan is still a few weeks away from the pre-submission/public consultation stage, Chichester District Council have gone ahead and themselves identified a site for the 25 houses that the parish is obliged to accommodate. The site is to the west of Monk’s Hill. Details of CDC’s Site Allocation Preferred Approach 2014-2029 are to be found at: http://www.chichester.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=25419&p=0

The relevant sections are Paragraph 1.39 and pages 37-38. Paragraph 1.39 reads:

“Where the Pre-Submission stage of a Neighbourhood Plan has not yet been reached, the Site Allocation DPD includes sites for that parish. However, if progress continues to be made on a neighbourhood plan and the Pre-submission stage is undertaken and has been completed by the end of March 2016, then the sites will be removed from the Submission Site Allocation DPD document. This will enable neighbourhood plans to take this process forward. The Council can therefore have confidence that neighbourhood plans are taking the process of delivering housing forward and can also demonstrate a five year housing land supply”.

This underlines the importance of the neighbourhood plan pre-submission stage being completed by the end of March 2016, a schedule that we are currently working to. If this is achieved, the site selected by CDC will be replaced by neighbourhood plan sites.

As 16 houses are now to be built on the corner of Long Copse Lane and North Street, 25 houses further up the road is clearly unacceptable. Not only would this bring the number of houses in the parish up to 41, instead of the requisite 25, but would also mean all the new houses being located in one part of the parish. The six-week consultation period for CDC’s Site Allocation Preferred Approach began on 7th January and villagers are encouraged to make their voice heard. The consultation Portal is at::  http://www.chichester.gov.uk/siteallocation

Rest assured that your parish council will be having its say on your behalf.

If you want to keep abreast with planning matters, please attend parish council meetings, which are held on the second Thursday of the month at 7.00pm at the Meeting Place, North Street. Information is also available on the village noticeboard in the Square.

Richard Hitchcock



Westbourne continues to be a well managed and pleasant place to live, with an active Parish Council and many residents working to strengthen the Community. In particular a lot of hard work is being invested in the Neighbourhood Plan, and I would like to thank all involved for this important voluntary effort.

But 'the price of freedom is eternal vigilance', so I make no apology for reminding all readers that I am always ready to do my best to help people with problems and questions.

Email me on mdunn@chichester.gov.uk<mailto:mdunn@chichester.gov.uk> or mark@eastmarden.net<mailto:mark@eastmarden.net> or phone on 01243 535202 or mark.dunn@southdowns.gov.uk<mailto:mark.dunn@southdowns.gov.uk> if its a matter about the park.

Chichester District Council too is running reasonably smoothly but there are - as always - financial pressures which put staff and members under pressure to get the best possible results from a tighter than ever budget. Under strong leadership, I can assure everyone that waste is much reduced and a lot of brain power is being invested in finding ways and means of increasing productivity and making  working practices more efficient.

The South Downs National Park Authority too is working well. It faces a huge and developing task, creating awareness of the Park and promoting its objects. Challenges loom up...A27 improvements and the possible

Northern Bypass will keep the members and staff pretty busy.

I hope you will all keep my existence in mind, and not hesitate to contact me if you feel the need. Regards, Mark Dunn


Update from Greening Westbourne:  Support your local community orchard.       Our community orchard continues to grow.  

Our brilliant hard-working orchard group will be planting another eight apple trees at Hampshire Farm Meadows, near Redlands Grange housing development, at 10.30am on Saturday 6 February. Do come along and support the planters.


In other news...

Residents shredded up to 100 Christmas trees during our annual recycling event in the square on Sunday 3 January, despite torrential rain.

Greening Westbourne chair Colin Carré said: "We had an amazing turnout despite the weather. It was great to see people dragging trees into the square and stopping for some mulled wine and mince pies.

"It's a fun community event but it fits with our goal of helping people to do small things locally to combat climate change. Recycling is good and doing it locally means fewer vehicle journeys."

The tree shredding was performed for free by Mike Reed and colleague Wade. The chippings are used to produce compost.

Keep in touch

Do get in touch if you would like to get involved, especially if you want to help with the orchard. Or if you have a idea for something environmental we should be doing, let us know.

You can contact us on greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk and find out more online. Our next meeting is at 7.30pm on 2 February at the White Horse.


New Village Winter Management Plan  from Parish Council more...


Now the Christmas tree is down and the square has returned to normal, Polly Tassell would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped cheer up the metal barriers around the tree by covering them with knitting. Thanks goes not only to all those who knitted a total of 110 cheery rectangles (plus a number of gorgeous crocheted snowflakes which sadly got lost in transit) but also to those who spread the word, as projects like this cannot work without word of mouth support.

Special thanks does have to go to everyone who contributed rectangles (and snowflakes) - such a great effort, especially all of you who turned out at the White Horse during those cosy Tuesday evenings in November. It was so lovely to meet you all and was the perfect way to lead up to the festive period.

Thanks in particular goes to (and apologies if I have left anyone out, please email me so I know who you are!): Stef Harrison and the White Horse for giving us a roof over our heads and in no particular order: Catherine Adams; Louisa Martin; Mel Webster; Anouska Brown; Emma Patey;  Maureen Wright; Ann Etteridge; Valerie Baker; Andrea Diaz Schiavon; Lucy Salmon; Jo Bouquillion; Alice Austin-Grant; Jade Tyerman; Hilary Walker; Zeenat Turner; Aba; Daevid Skaard; Helen Barlow; Suzanne Polisczuk; Elaine Dolamore; Jane Biggin; and Rachel Spotswoode (Abundance Fitness).

Since we all so enjoyed the knitting, we will be getting together for a monthly 'Stitch Up' in the White Horse for people to bring their own projects (or chores) to the pub so we can all stitch together - be it knitting, sewing, crocheting or cross-stitch. All are welcome, whatever level. Watch this space - and please get in touch by emailing pollytassell@hotmail.com if you are interested.

I do hope I get to meet more of you during the 2016 Big Westbourne Christmas Knit. Please get in touch if you would like to be included in the mailing list when the festive time comes again.    So thanks everyone and hopefully see you next year.


Parish Council Budget statement 2016/2017 more...


THE QUEEN'S 90TH BIRTHDAY BEACONS - 21ST APRIL 2016 - Information on this Nationwide event: more...


Revised version of Neighbourhood Plan newsletter updating you all with the activity & progress of the past year. more...

 (Revision needed due to CDC approval of houses in Long Copse Lane on appeal )


Village News - Latest update for Christmas from Rona, our village reporter,  more…


Bad news I'm afraid: Fight lost to protect Long Copse Lane

The Planning Inspectorate has approved plans to build 16 houses on a rural piece of land in Westbourne - much valued as the last undeveloped site along the west side of the village - despite strong opposition from the Parish Council, Chichester District Council and local residents. more...

11.05 15/12/15  

Tim's in space fantastic. Well done to all the Team and especially Tim. Happy globe trotting.....


More news about village astronaut Tim Peake - Series of special pages put together by Keith Hart especially for the village website more...


Our very own Westbourne astronaut short story competition. poster more...


Westbourne’s own astronaut (there’s something we never thought we would write) Tim Peake will be lifting off for the International Space Station on December 15.  Back on earth, Westbourne Social Club will be the focal point of village celebrations, with live coverage of the launch from Kazakhstan and the scheduled docking with the ISS six hours later.  Picture of Tim and more...


Latest publication released September 2015 by History Group - Village Trades People 1845 - 1938 more...


Cuts to Emsworth Fire and Rescue threat to West Sussex. Villagers need to know about the potential risk from this proposed action. more...

The consultation is available at:   www.hantsfire.gov.uk/a-safer-hampshire   until Friday 4 December.


New page added to Parish Council page set:

Parish Budget - Giving the opportunity to see have the Parish Council Precept is spent or allocated  in the village. more…


Westbourne is now 20 mph! Have you seen the signs?

After some years of campaigning (at least 4) 900 resident signatures, 40 letters of support from local businesses and community groups and 86% of the public consultation favouring a reduction in the traffic speeds, Westbourne has finally become 20 mph.

The 20 signs went up at the village entrance in early August and smaller sympathetic ‘conservation area’ signs are dotted about the village.  There is frustration amongst residents that the speed limits are still 30 in some places including Foxbury Lane, Monks Hill and Old Farm Lane and the 20 ‘zones’ are further into the centre of the village. These speed limit areas were decided by West Sussex CC due the speeds cars were travelling were just too high in the first place to warrant the drop from, in some cases 40 mph to 20 mph.  A compromise was reached to make these areas 30 mph.

However this new village speed limit is something to be celebrated and a positive step towards a safer village to live in for pedestrians, cyclists and the car drivers themselves.

Westbourne is the first smaller village to become 20 mph following a successful 20 mph campaign in Chichester. Some areas in Havant and most of central Portsmouth are already 20 mph so really we are just playing catch up. The speed limit was operational and enforceable in Westbourne from 10th August 2015 and a 20 mph ‘school safety zone’ will follow.

The proof of success is in the implementation. I was pleased to follow a car into River Street last week and them slow down to 20 mph when entering the village encouragement that people will take heed of the new signs.  However it is up to us as residents to lead by example and be proud of this wonderful village and help make it a safer place by driving considerately at the correct speed. These changes in speed to not affect car journey times minimise the chance of serious accidents and create a feeling of a safer place place to live and visit.

The Westbourne History Group have a number of interesting publications based around life in Westbourne.

They are available to purchase. more... for details

The Village Website is very keen to show more pictures of “Old Westbourne”. Do you have any pictures that you would like to share with the Website ?                   more... Contact us


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Welcome to Westbourne, the pride of West Sussex. Nestling on the southern edge of the South Downs National Park on the border between Hampshire and West Sussex.

The parish of Westbourne is a thriving community and consists of the attractive village of Westbourne itself and the two hamlets of Woodmancote and Aldsworth covering approximately 1,846 acres of countryside and is the home to some 2,000 residents.

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